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Does anyone do or know of someone who does design commissions off a few ideas? :o Doesn't have to be anything super fancy, mostly just scribbles and color for a future bab <3 thanks ^^
Go check out Tasha's awesome new rpg
crazy new unique site ran by one of my really good friends!! Its totally amazing and I am so excited to see where it goes! Check it out!
I am trying to find a few books to read, especially with break coming up! Does anyone have any they really loved? I love fantasy and weird settings. But I'll check anything out! ^^ thanks guys! <33 hope everyone is doing great <33
I'm looking for a digital artist to commission a painting or digital painting I can have printed for my son. He finally is getting his own real room since we are moving and I just want it to be special for him. He wants his room done in Pokemon and rugby. Random combo but I thought it would be awesome to get a painting of Pokemon playing rugby together Lmao. I know that's the weirdest combo but he was talking about it one day and I think it'd be a really cute painting and a weird new dogs playing poker painting lol. Plus just a fun memory for him to have. Anyway if you know of someone please point me in that direction!! Thanks everyone!!

Enter Myth!
come join us! >3
Check out my friend Ava's journal for some really awesome character designs up for sale! :iconimplike:
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I've only very recently started working on Myth again for those that had asked/were curious about it in the past. I am looking for help and also any input on what peeps would like to see. You can comment in the thread below if you'd like <3 Also searching for staff help. I've asked a few peeps already but would love any input from those truly interested in helping us out <3 Thanks!…
Does anyone know do or know of someone who does design commissions? Thankies <33
I know I've posted this before but does anyone have any wolf RPG recommendations? I prefer fantasy themes. I really miss writing with other people, especially from the past sites but everyone seems so spread out or has poofed now? Which I get. I have not been on really at all because college takes all of my time. :| lol But yeah, if anyone has any suggestions feel free to note me or comment here with them. I might try to redo Myth or something sometime, I think I've mentioned that too. If I do its going to be much more laid back than my past sites. Mutations and all that would be free, the only thing in the shop I think would be powers since those seem fair to earn. I don't really want to do magic levels or things people have to track either. I just want someplace to write and focus on the story instead of points and trying to earn mutations for a new character. I will obviously have to do this on most new wolf sites I think but yeah, any suggestions let me know <3 I want to try and get back into it even if its just 1 post a week or posting on the weekend. <3 thanks loves
I'm looking for a wolf rpg, preferably fantasy. I'm not really sure how much time I'll have or I'd really love to try and bring Myth back again, but either way I really miss it and yeah I'm looking for suggestions again. Toss me links plz guys <3
Okay so first off I had a boob job this year in February. I had a baby that I nursed for almost 2 years, so you can imagine what my breasts looked like after that and it was a horrible source of insecurity for me. I refused to ever take my bra off and even having sex with someone just made me feel so withdrawn and negative. Anyway, after having it done I feel so much better about my body and they aren't anything drastic. Basically they just removed loose skin and put small implants in. They don't look like a porn stars, no offense to porn stars intended I'm just saying they are not taking over my chest. They are just a C cup exactly what I wore before having my baby, probably not that noticeable unless I'm wearing a low cut shirt but otherwise they just fit my body. I have no problem with people knowing they are fake at all but I don't go around announcing it. I think the only internet peeps that even knew about this were Isil and Antha? Maybe Tobii and Swe since I talk to those peeps the most but still.

Anyway last night I was telling my cousin, her wife, her wife's grandpa and my cousin's mom that some guy pulled up to me trying to get me to flash him the other night in the car. Only told them because I thought it was funny and just awkward and yeah, just something you share because its a weird wtf moment. I walked into the hallway to get my son to get ready to leave and I hear my cousin's wife laugh and say if she'd paid that much for tits then she would have shown them. her grandpa is like "whoa what they are fake?" and shes like yes. And just the way she said it just made it sound like a joke to her. Like I was a joke for having them. I got them for me, it makes me feel better and less insecure. I didn't get them to be obnoxious and throw them in everyone's face.

My cousin and her wife both have had weight loss surgery, purely for aesthetic reasons. I mean they were both unhealthy, but its not like they were on death's bed either. They didn't eat healthy and never worked out ever to try and lose the weight, they both literally just ate horrible and never did anything active. This just feels like such a huge double standard to me. I was very supportive of my cousin when she talked about having the weight loss surgery and told her to ignore anyone who had negative things to say. This is something she wanted done to feel better about herself and feel better in general. Which is basically why I had my breast augmentation. So I don't know. It just hurt my feelings. I feel like I'm constantly a source of belittlement from them both and I couldn't be more supportive of them, of what they've gone through and trying to be a lesbian couple in the country where people can be serious dicks.

I don't know. I just had to vent. It is my body and my choice and I don't feel like I should be made to feel bad for it. A choice they made themselves in a different way but for basically the same reasons.
I don't even know anymore XD Link me to your commissions or peeps you know that are open please? :D
whooo is open for manip and/or drawing commissions? :o send me links please? <3
so my time for writing has been non existent. I have a lot of characters/designs that I've accumulated though and I've been thinking of selling them. The only two I think I'd really hang onto are Vythica and Hyperion and a couple I bought more recently that I still hope to use in the future, but some of my characters in the past I just can't see myself using anymore, and some have some really nice art pieces that I had done for them like Valencia, Alexandria(Isis), Anor, Bast, Lirit, Tamsin (orangey/firey version), etc. Would anyone be interested in them if I were to make an actual journal listing them or something?

okay I am making an Imgur album - , mass uploading stuff so hopefully nothing has gone in that shouldn't. If it has, I seriously apologize and I am trying to go through it before I leave. I haven't really put a price on anything yet, but you can note or comment with offers. I think maybe for certain characters I may start an auction, especially for ones that have several art pieces? Like Tamsin has quite a few, so does Valencia. Idk. Slowly piecing it together but yeah, I'll be uploading more here soon but here is a start. This is really hard to go through them :c lol Like I doubt I will ever really play Nineve again, but I can't imagine selling her design off. IDK lol anyway, there is some stuff up. If it gets deleted it means it was probably sold so yeah <3 thanks for the interest guys <3

Enter Myth!
My friend East is an awesome artist and she has commissions open! Check her out!…
I've gotten a lot of notes lately over this about if I'll do coding commissions. I've been kinda iffy about doing any kind of a journal because I have zero artistic ability to really offer a skin and I feel like people will be like OMFG TEMPY. YOU HAVE NO TALENT. TAKE THAT DOWN. but I'm going to post one anyway because it helps with hosting. If you want me to code something, feel free to send me a note and we can work out a price. I don't want to have a set price because some people want something clean and simple and other people want me to rip out my soul, offer it to Satan and then drape it on their skin. so price will vary :| XD I can not do manipulations. Unless your theme is vomit, don't ask. XDDD FOR AN ARTIST THOUGH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU CHECK OUT ONE OF THESE AWESOMETASTIC FRIENDS OF MINE.  xXNamaste && Jacquotte && XxSlow-BurnxX && ghostlyspirit && Pandonation they are all super amazing, have awesome art and extremely fair prices for what they offer!!!

Anyway, most of my experience is with mybb and proboards layouts, but I'm willing to try anything it just might take a bit more time. <3
- < -- This is a mybb site, I did the entire coding for it, a friend did the banner image though.
- <-- this is my site, a mybb site. I've done a lot of the current set up, but also have some help on it from mah loverly staffers <33
-… <-- proboards site that is no longer open, but have some screenies.  This had custom boards on it. not sure they will be possible with v5 D: but i hope so cause I loved making them.
- - another mybb site I did the coding for. This site is currently closed but here are some screenies as well!… - Relentless is a sled dog roleplay!  Pantheon! a new fantasy horse rpg! <3
- wolf roleplay

There are some other WIP sites I'm coding but I won't post the links until they are done and their owners start advertising them so yes <3